Milkteanco started off simply as a quarantine project in 2020. It all started with stickers, which brought us into the world of stationery, lifestyle accessories, and more.

Our Values

At Milkteanco, we believe in making small, but impactful changes--such as using eco-conscious materials, working with socially responsible partners, and using cruelty free materials. Our products use vegan-friendly leather and biodegradable packaging.

As a creator on this platform, we hold dear to the idea of giving back to the community and supporting other small businesses.

Beautify Your Desk

We believe that aesthetic stationery, and cute personalized accessories aid in brightening your everyday set-up. It is the perfect way to express who you are, and what you love.

Personalized Packaging

Every order is hand-packaged by our owner, each one beautifully wrapped, like a gift to someone special.

safe space for everyone

Regardless of your gender, race, sexuality, nationality etc., we serve everyone equally

Kind to Mother Earth

We strive to make our creative processes and packaging sustainable and environmentally friendly