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Milkie Sushi Set Enamel Pin

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All designs are illustrated, made, and carefully packaged by milkteanco. Set of 2 and 3 are Sold Separately. 

Please note that each pins are painted by hand, meaning that no two B-grade or C-grade will share identical flaws, the following picture of an B and C-grade are examples. Due to photo discrepancies and the nature of its material, the colour of the actual product may differ from photos. 


• Size: 1.77 inches wide 
• Rose Gold Plated
• Engraved "milkteanco" backstamp
• Pink rubber backing


Standard: enamel pins are near flawless or have minor cosmetic, unnoticeable imperfections which may include, but are not limited to:
- Superficial scratches on pin
- Small specs of debris / dust

: Slightly more noticeable, minor cosmetic imperfections which include but not limited to:
- Small dents and imperfections on the enamel
- Specs of dust and debris
- Scratches or dents on the side of the pin.

C-Grade: Fairly noticeable imperfections which include but not limited to:
- Dents and imperfections on the enamel
- Scratches or dents on the pin.
- Blue paint on the metal outline or back of the pin.

Milkteanco enamel pins have undergone thorough quality check and are near flawless, but please bear in mind that these are handmade items, kindly expect some very minor imperfections. The minor flaws do not affect the functionality of the notebook, and we hope you still enjoy it! 


Microfiber cloth is your new best friend! If you don't have microfiber cloths, any soft cloth and non-abrasive polishing creams should bring your enamel pin back to life.

Keeping your enamel pins out of direct sunlight over a prolonged period of time will prevent UV damage that causes discolouration, and avoid getting your pins wet to prevent tarnishing.


• 1 Enamel Pin as pictured
• Thank you Card
• Eco-Friendly Milkteanco Packaging

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