Frequently Asked Questions

Stickers Inquiry 

Are the stickers waterproof?
  • Yes, some of milkteanco stickers are waterproof. Please double check the listings for more details as we do offer weatherproof stickers that are NOT waterproof.
  • Eg. Red Pocket Die Cut Sticker is NOT waterproof. 

What is the difference between waterproof and weatherproof stickers?
  • Waterproof material is impervious to water.
  • Suitable for most surfaces. However, it is not recommended on cars, in dishwashers or microwaves.
  • Weatherproof material is water-resistant material but it is NOT waterproof.
  • Do not rub, pat dry if wet. 

Stencil Inquiry
How do I care for the stencil?
  • Gently wash your stencils with soap water.
  • Do not twist, bend, or fold your stencils as it might result in damage and breakage.
  • Dab gently with paper towel to dry, avoid aggressive rubbing. 

Wholesale Inquiry
Do you offer wholesale?
  • We will get back with price list within 12 hours. 

Art Commissions & Trades
Is your art commission open?
    • Thank you for your interest. Please reach out to us via email at and we will get back within 48 hours.
Are you open to art trades?

Are you open to collaboration/partnerships?

        • Yes, we are! Thank you for your interest in collaborating with Milkteanco, please kindly send us an email at or via Instagram Message @milkteanco and we will get back within 48 hours.