Commission Status: OPEN for May

Hello, thank you for your interest in commissioning art from me! If you’re reading this, you’ve connected with my work in some way and you’re interested in commissioning me to “do what I do”. This is a great place for beginning our conversation! 

By commissioning me, you have read and agreed to the terms of service and all information listed below. 

Upon receiving your commission request form, I will provide more information within 72 hours and an invoice upon confirmation. 


Terms of Service: 

These Terms of Service are relevant to personal and commercial use artworks and are subject to revisions, editing, and additions without notice.

Commission Process:

  • All commission communications will take place solely through email at for the purpose of record keeping and consolidation for easier access during the work process. 
  • Please create an account by clicking here for invoice billing and payment.
  • Upon receiving payment, I will begin working on the artwork. General turnaround time is 6-14 business days, depending on my workload and commission type. 
  • If communication is slow or the Artist must wait on content from the Client to complete the artwork, the commission process will take longer.
  • A rough sketch will be sent to you for review; at this stage, please voice your concerns and input.
  • 5 free revisions are included during this rough sketch process. If you find yourself needing more changes, an additional $8 per draft change will apply. 
  • Please take a good look at the sketch given, take your time to think it over and sleep on it! The process will go smoother this way!
  • After the draft approval, you will receive a final commission preview. Any new, major changes at this stage will require an additional $15 per change.
  • After the final preview has been confirmed, we will move onto the production stage! This takes roughly 1-3 business days, depending on your amount total.
  • After everything is packed and ready to be shipped, you will receive a confirmation email. 
  • Please note that the Artist reserves the right to reject critique pertaining to artistic skill or style preference (i.e. anatomy, coloring style, etc.) or if said critique reduces the artistic quality of the piece.



  • My prices vary depending on the complexity of the design.
  • The following price guide shows base prices only and are subject to change depending on the concept, complexity, amount of details, deadlines, intended purposes (for commercial use only), etc.
  • The following guide shows design prices only, not including the cost of the products, gift packagings (if requested), and shipping.

Personal Use: Starting at $40 per design
Commercial Use: Starting at $200 per design 

Rough Draft VS. Final Preview ($40, personal use):

Rough Draft VS. Final Preview ($60, personal use):
Rough Draft VS. Final Preview ($70, personal use):
Rough Draft VS. Final Preview ($115, personal use):

Commercial vs Personal Use:

Personal Use

Milkteanco, the Artist, retains all copyrights and ownership to the artwork. Clients may use this artwork as gifts, giveaway prizes, personal prints, upload to social media with artist credit, etc.

  • The Artist retains ownership of the artwork and has rights to the following: 
    • Making merchandise using this artwork 
    • Posting artwork on my social media 
    • Using this artwork in my portfolio 
  • Clients are NOT allowed to:
    • Post this artwork on social media without crediting the Artist.
    • Edit, re-distribute or claim this artwork as your own.
    • Use the artwork commercially or for any monetary gain.
  • Each product will have Milkteanco shop logo and social media icons on the back, excluding custom coffee stencils. 

Commercial Use

Client retains ownership of the artwork. The artwork can be used as merchandise and can be printed at third party manufacturers. 

  • The Artist has rights to the following: 
    • Featuring the artwork in my portolio
    • Posting the artwork on my social media 
  • Please include your intended use for a more accurate price quote. 
    • E.g. Sticker, keychains, enamel pins, etc. 
  • The artwork may only be used for its intended purpose as discussed and agreed upon. For example, a sticker design is not allowed to be sold as pins. 


    • Prices are in Canadian dollars.
    • Payment is required upfront before work will begin, and due within 48 hours of invoicing (unless a later date is agreed upon.) If confirmation and payment from the Client is not received after 48 hours, then the commission spot may be cancelled or delayed, at the Artist's discretion.


    • The Client must provide a valid Mailing Address to get an accurate quote and this cost is NOT included in the commission price itself.
    • All shipments will come with tracking.
    • We do not deliver to P.O. Box Addresses.
    • Please be reminded that the Artist has no control over shipping costs, and is not liable for shipment delays or loss.
    • Once the piece is mailed, the tracking, quality of shipment service, etc., comes down to the postal service used. 
    • Any questions or concerns about the shipment should be sent to the postal service itself, unless they require the Artist's input for a claim.

    Refunds and Cancellations:

    • All commissions are NOT refundable after payment is received.
    • All invoices must be paid within 48 hours. 
    • Client has the right to cancel before an invoice is sent. 


    • Quotes are valid for only 3 months from the quote date and may be subject to pricing changes. 
    • I aim to respond within 72 hours of form submission, not including holidays or days off. Clients will receive a notice of absence whenever possible.